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Multichannel Approach Holds the Keys to Tourism Marketing Success


If you are hoping that things are going to get easier for tourism marketing, you are wrong. A recent article from New York-based paints a world in which consumers are active on multiple platforms, on multiple devices, and savvy enough to desire only the best travel-related content:

“Consumers don’t watch devices; they consume the content on them,” [NGC Media VP Andrew] Capone said during a recent think tank event held by the Association of Travel Marketing Executives. “Today, it’s about experience messaging. People are coming out of a three-, four-year hole and it’s more than just about branding it’s about, ‘I have X number of vacation days, what do I want to do?’”

So what does this mean for your tourism marketing? Great content is not enough. You must be an active content distributor with a smart combination of traditional outreach (like print and trade shows) and marketing activities that place your great content where your target market is going to find it.

Study after study shows that consumers are using a combination of online sources and platforms throughout the travel buying cycle - from dreaming about a destination to selecting the museums they attend. All of this messaging and distribution needs to work in tandem to sell the brand and help the target market understand more about "the experience" with your business at your destination.

Online Marketing Strategy Tree Infographic Solimar Tourism MarketingYou must fight hard to maintain that prized spot that we like to call "top of mind." How can you make sure that your ideal traveler will choose your place above all the other options out there? How can you prioritize your options to make sure that the right content is going in front of the right people at the right time?

At Solimar, we like to talk about "Marketing with a Purpose." This idea brings all of the different platforms together to work compatibly as a sales driver. If done correctly and strategically, each touch on the consumer is an opportunity to pull them deeper into your brand. We address the "experience messaging" by continually engaging potential travelers with a combination of practical and inspirational content they need to paint the travel experience picture in their mind.

In our work with the Namibia Tourism Board, our multichannel approach during the "Share My Namibia" campaign allowed us to provide storytelling to our consumers, reach out to the international travel trade, and build strong social media communities that still interact with our content. We engaged consumers in different locations on a frequent basis so our message of "Share My Namibia" remained fresh.

A social media campaign like this takes considerable planning and a balanced approach to what you're going to say and how you're going to say it - the two sides to the marketing coin.

But one side of the coin might be a little heavier. Mark Snyder, a branding and marketing consultant formerly with Kmart and InterContinental Hotels Group, says:

“The medium is not a substitute for the message.You think getting a digital budget is tough, wait until someone gives you $100,000 to go and do something with and you have to go create content. Content is hard. Content is the cornerstone of engagement.”

We agree. Content is king and it always will be. Learn how we can help you develop the message and the medium by downloading our free tourism marketing e-book.

Marketing with a purpose ebook



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Posted @ Tuesday, August 19, 2014 4:22 AM by FDC
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